Swift Makes an Escape Incognito As She Sneaks Around in New York City

Okay, we all know that Taylor has been hiding from the public for several months now save for one time in early June.  This past Saturday, she tried to keep a low profile as she was heading for a meeting in New York City.

It wasn’t too hard to spot her as she walked around in jean shorts showing off her long, lean legs.  She had a blue hoodie jacket on with the hood over her head to keep from being spied on.  She looked pretty focused on where she was going so we know there was a sure destination and a good reason behind this.  Did you check out her Gucci embroidered sneakers?

Since the one-time spot in June, we believe that she has been staying at her New York City apartment but no one has seen her coming or going.  Has the media gone too far in getting into her business?  Or is it that she’s been enjoying the peace and quiet she deserves in just enjoying life as a normal human being?  What are your thoughts?  Comment in the comment box below.

Judge Penalizes DJ Suing Taylor Swift After He Lost His Job For Inappropriate Touching During a 2013 Pre-Meet-and-Greet in Denver

Things are not looking too good for David “Jackson” Mueller as of late.   If you can remember back in 2013 during a photo session at the Pepsi Center, he was accused by Taylor of inappropriately touching her buttocks with his hand lifting her skirt.  Mueller had denied any claims of inappropriate touching but was fired two days later after the incident.

The DJ supposedly had some key evidence for the case of some audio he had recorded on a conversation that he had between himself and his boss about the alleged groping after the incident but someway somehow some of the audio supposedly got lost.  Mueller claims that some coffee was spilled on his laptop and the hard drive that the evidence was backed up on wasn’t working.

The judge wasn’t taking that excuse too good and sanctioned Mueller stating he was careless when handling any evidence when he should have protected it.  A pre-trial hearing with a jury selection is in place for August 7th.




Celebrities are People Too Including Taylor Swift

This has been on my mind for quite some time now and after the suitcase incident yesterday whether or not Taylor was hiding in it, I felt it was a good time as any to share my thoughts and feelings about celebrities in general including Taylor Swift.

I wish there was a way in the world where we could all love and respect the artists whether it be a music artist or a movie star but at the same time allow them to live their own personal lives however they see fit.  To let them go grocery shopping at their local supermarket without being bugged or pointed at or be asked to take a selfie and sign an autograph.  To see them driving by in a small town without getting pointed at or followed or harassed.  And the list goes on.  They were people before they became famous and they are still people after the fact.  The only thing that has changed is the art they have created whether it’s in music or in movies that has made them adored by millions if not billions of people.  I guess what I’m trying to say is we can love and respect their craft but at the same time you can respect their space and treat them like a normal human being and if they want to talk to you, they will and if they don’t, they won’t.

And I get it.  Taylor Swift herself has said in the past that she knew what she was about to get into when she became discovered by Big Machine Records and made her first album. She knew that her life was going to change (you don’t think Mama Swift reminded her about this beforehand?) and the things that she was able to do when life was normal pre-2006 would be something she would no longer be able to do because she would be seen out in the public eye and the paparazzi would always be around to take the latest pictures and ask all kinds of questions every single moment of every single day.

But at the same time I feel sorry for celebrities too.  Michael Jackson several years back had informed a source that he never had the ability to go to a common supermarket and go grocery shopping because he was the King of Pop.  Just imagine all of the things that you do in public right now that these celebrities are unable to do because of their celebrity status.  Do you realize the effects that it has on them that they are not allowed to live normal lives like you and I?  Let’s look at Justin Beiber for instance.  He has mentioned in the past that during his early years as a music superstar it was very hard for him to come to grips that he was famous and it made it hard on his everyday life. Thus the reason why he acted out some for a few years but we won’t get into that.  I can remember in the last year Meghan Trainor mentioned that she has to remind herself that she is famous now especially when she used to go out and hang with her brothers at a local restaurant and people would stare and point and yell, ‘Hey, that’s Meghan Trainor!’

Think about the times they are on the airplanes or their tour buses or their hotels or maybe even at their own house and it gets a little lonely.  I mean, they can have over whomever they want but in essence, if it leaks out to the public especially if that person is NOT a celebrity, then it storms up like a tornado on social media and then eventually on feeds internationally that such and such was with them and all of the sudden you will see videos and hear podcasts or watch TV and hear all about it on there.  Nothing is private.  Nothing.

Maybe I’m being crazy or maybe it’s totally impossible but I really do wish the veil was lifted and we could all live our lives harmoniously as human beings yet at the same time love, respect and admire any celebrities work out there but giving them the space they need as well to live happy normal lives just as we expect to live our daily lives.

My heart truly fills up with happiness when I see Taylor respond to fans on social media. It’s also super cool that she has attended bridal showers, weddings and sent a card and flowers to a girl recently for her school graduation.  I will be totally honest with you.  If I had at least one interaction with Taylor Swift before I pass on whether it be in person or social media, I would ‘die dead’ like any other Swiftie but at the same time, I would lay the groundwork of high respect with reminders on my brain to appreciate her as an artist but also as a human being too.

What are YOUR thoughts about this?  Do you think I’m being silly or do you agree wholeheartedly with me?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Splash News Now Retracting ‘Taylor Swift in a Suitcase’ Statement

Okay, so I figured this would be happening as soon as it started.  It has been reported earlier today that Splash News, the world’s leading celebrity news agency is now retracting their statement that Taylor Swift was being taken in and out of her Tribeca apartment in a large suitcase.

Their statement literally implied that they had a photographer on board today that they don’t regularly use (so basically putting the blame on the unregularly used photographer) and they basically were the ones that took the photo and had made the statement.

A Splash rep told Spin, “I literally just put the phone down from someone on Taylor’s camp and we’re actually having to retract that.”  “The report stated it as a fact, which we actually don’t know,” the Splash rep continued. “How could we?”

He’s right.  How could you Mr. Photographer?  You have no idea what’s in that suitcase and you can’t say that you saw or heard Taylor in it.  You can’t say something that you don’t know is a fact.

I’m wondering if he still is being used to take pictures for them now on an UN-regular basis.  What do YOU think?  Respond in the comment box below and don’t forget to follow this blog to receive all of the up-to-date information you need here at Taylor Swift News.

Taylor Swift, Were You Hiding in That Suitcase?

Just a couple of hours ago, Spin1038 had reported that Taylor Swift was apparently transported out of her Tribeca apartment in a HUGE suitcase and was placed into her truck.  Why would one speculate this?  Well, Adele did it.  So, why not Taylor, right?

They said there was a fleet of vehicles namely a couple of Cadillacs and a few SUV’s that arrived (I’ve seen her in an SUV with her parents or friends several times, haven’t you?) to her apartment and all of a sudden it took several guys to haul this HUGE black suitcase out of her apartment and into a black SUV.  What do YOU think?  Do you think Taylor was IN that suitcase or do you think it was something else that was very important that needed to be transported to her next destination?  Could this suitcase play a BIG role on the new TS6 album?  Or maybe this was Taylor’s way to seal herself away from the public until the album release?  What are YOUR thoughts on this?

I’ve heard one Swiftie tweet that it is absolutely impossible that Tay-Tay is in that suitcase for the simple reason she has such long legs and it would be pretty hard to fit her all in save for the fact she is super slim.  Do you agree with them or do you believe that this is really true?

I will be honest with you though.  I really don’t know what to believe at this point.  I am claustrophobic so if she DID get in that suitcase and she’s patiently waiting in there to be transported somewhere else, I gotta tell you, she’s just confirmed it again that she is my HERO.  Ultimately.

If you look at Getty Images or Splash News, you will see in the photos that the guys that carried the mysterious suitcase dressed casual and looked somewhat calm.  They have had to have known that this looked extremely strange thus the continuous gawking from everyone throughout the whole facade.   But maybe Taylor prepared them for this before the suitcase was taken out…or maybe not.

I wonder what she’s thinking right about now and that’s just to say if she’s really in the suitcase or somewhere else with a smile on her face knowing that this action truly did what it was meant to do.  Create a little curiosity and a hair of controversy.  Hey, it got the media to take notice, didn’t it?  For any reason, this task definitely created some buzz and Swifties are still talking about it via social media of all sorts.

No matter if she IS or ISN’T in the suitcase, I do applaud and respect the fact that she is really serious when it comes to anything being leaked out whether by accident or on purpose about her newest album, the songs in the album, the title of the album, etc. Until it’s time, I really don’t want to know anything about it until she’s ready to share it.  I respect her and I respect her decision because it truly works and I value her reasoning. Shouldn’t we all?

Give me your thoughts about the matter by responding in the comment box below and don’t forget to sign up for Taylor Swift News to keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with our biggest all-time pop star, Miss Taylor Swift.

TS6 Tea and a Little Taytience Brings Good Things to Those That Wait

I think all we need is ‘just a little patience’ or should I say ‘Taytience’ and a little bit of TS6 tea every morning in order to keep our wonderment and excitement at bay until it’s time for the new Taylor Swift album to be released, don’t you think?

It’s always been brought to my attention over the years that patience(or should I say Taytience)is a virtue and brings good things to those that wait. I’m the kind of Swiftie that doesn’t want to speculate what’s on the new TS6 album although I greatly admit that I am quite curious about it.  Is she going back a little to some of her old roots as a former country singer or will it contain all pop and hip-hop?  Is she going to wear her white signature sunglasses on tour or her bright red lipstick or draw a shiny ’13’ on her right hand?  Or perhaps she will do something totally different that we will greatly admire and take on as a new Tay Trend?   Is she going to bring back and grow out her beautiful curly locks or keep her hair short? Who knows!  But I DO know one thing: No matter WHAT she does or HOW she does it, we are going to ‘die DEAD’ when it happens.  That’s the beautiful part of this whole experience!

So, what am I going to be doing during this waiting period?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I’m going to be taking in some TS6 tea every chance I get, dwell in some Taytience and wait until I see some kind of social media or media itself announcement when the TS6 album (Tay title to be determined) is going to be officially released.

Do you got Taytience?  Or are you Twittering, Facebooking, Instagramming or Tumbling finding out what little news you can find and what other Swifties and non-Swifties are saying?  Please let me know by replying in the comment box below.  Taytience my friends, Taytience.

Are You Ready For the New Taylor Swift TS6 Album?

You are probably just as excited and wondering too when Taylor will be releasing her TS6 album, aren’t you?  I think we are all chomping at the bit wondering when the newest release will make its presence forever known.

According to a Swift source, she has been currently preparing for a big return and her aim is to have the album released by Fall 2017.  I love and respect the fact that she continues to keep her plans private.  I mean, who wants to already know the ins and outs and what kind of sound and style will be coming out and by the time it gets here, you are all ready to move on to the next thing?  Not me said the flea.  I want to prepare and enjoy the biggest surprise EVER just like I did the day she released 1989 and I got my CD in the mail from Amazon right before Christmas.  It’s still in my CD player in my Volkswagen Beetle as we speak.  Is yours?

Another reliable source has recently mentioned that she has decided to ‘continue to go down the pop route.’  She realized that many Swifties made the 1989 album a big success due to the result of the massive gravitation they made toward the album itself.

Taylor really gets us Swifties.  She understands and realizes that it is indeed time for a new album and knows we are all ready for it.  That’s why she has really put a lot of focus on it for the last few months and is also really excited into seeing the new album be released with a deep passion for promoting it as well just like she did with all of her other albums.

So the TS6 album IS on its way…are YOU ready for it?  Please let me know by replying in the comment box below.

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