Taylor Announces First Wave of Stadium Tour Dates for the ‘Reputation’ Tour

Heads up Swifties!  Taylor just announced today the first twenty-seven tour dates for the ‘Reputation’ tour through her Taylor Nation Twitter account this morning.  It looks like the first tour date will start May 8th at the University of Phoenix Stadium located in Glendale, Arizona along with the last date in the United States landing on October 6th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  We are not sure if this is all of the United States tour dates for the album but this is what has been presented to us this morning.  (I’m sure there’s definitely more to come!)

Since the ‘Reputation‘ album release, over 700,000 albums were purchased on the very first day and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

What is YOUR favorite Reputation song?  Is it ‘Call It What You Want?’  ‘Gorgeous?’  ‘Look What You Made Me Do?’ or any of the songs that you haven’t heard yet that are on the album?

Reminder: If you’ve purchased the album, I want to remind you to go ahead and grab the album boost through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Program in order to get the best possible access to the tour tickets.  Taylor says, ‘We’ll See You Soon!’


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