Is Joe Alwyn Urging to Dump Taylor Swift?

Well, at least that’s what one of the tabloids this week has claimed.  They believe Joe Alwyn’s inner circle has totally advised him to end the relationship completely before it damages his career.  They feel she leads a ‘circus-like life’ and that her new song, ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ has produced some negative publicity over the last month.  They feel like if Joe gets caught up in all of the drama, it will ruin everything for him so they have the ‘get out now while you can’ approach.  It has also been told that the actor is ignoring the advice only because he’s worried that if he ends things, she will write a revenge song about him like she has done with the rest of the men in her life.

Another source is saying that this information is totally fabricated and that Joe was never approached from anyone to tell him to leave Taylor Swift.  They are saying that the current source that is saying this has lied before in the past with false information including that Swift had planned to freeze her eggs as well as stating that she is currently worried about her career.  What do you think about all of this?  Please let me know in the comment box.


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