Taylor Attends Abigail Anderson’s Wedding Over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend has officially passed and so did Abigail Anderson’s wedding at Old Whaling Church in Martha’s Vineyard.  As we suspected, Taylor was one of the lovely bridesmaids there that helped Abigail carry the back of her wedding gown and veil as they entered into the church.

The ‘Ready For It‘ pop star was wearing a beautiful maroon halter gown with a sweetheart neckline.  Very simple but respectful since Abigail was the center of attention that day.

I honestly don’t agree with the band of people that were booing at her standing in the rain as she exited the church and entered the black SUV.  Her team hid her with a couple of sheets of black fabric and umbrellas to shield her from the public.  Guys, that’s what she has been doing for quite a while now.   She wants to keep out of the public eye until her album ‘Reputation‘ is fully out.  Why is this a crime?  She wasn’t there that day for her fans, she was there to celebrate one of the happiest days of her best friend’s life.  It’s okay for Taylor to have a private life with her family, friends and latest boyfriend.

What do you think about the booing that happened?  Are you going to ‘Speak Now?’  If so, comment in the comment box below.  Your thoughts are much appreciated and Happy Labor Day everybody!



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