Taylor Swift Is Losing Fans With Her Latest Album Single Release, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Yep, according to Taylor Swift, the ‘old Taylor’ is dead according to her newly released single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’  It’s OUT with the old Taylor and IN with the new.  No more fairy-tale minded, glitter shining, teardrop on guitar dripping, the number 13 hand tattooing curly headed blond singing about love and broken hearts in a catchy tune.  It’s the NEW Taylor now and everybody had better get used to it…or should they?

It’s now the ‘I’m not putting up with it anymore’ and ‘you’ll get yours’ Taylor Swift.  According to some fans as well as various media articles and videos, the revengeful ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ plays to a similar tune of ‘I’m Too Sexy’ by Right Said Fred or better yet, ‘If I Was You’ by Meghan Trainor.

What do YOU think of the new single release?  Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  Many fans are posting on YouTube and other social media platforms that they don’t like the new song.  There are many that call themselves ‘former Swifties’ saying they miss the old Taylor and that they don’t like the pop star Taylor that came out in 2014 with the ‘1989’ album.

There are those that are saying that this new ‘Reputation‘ album may be the death of her career.  Do you think that’s the case or do you think the dark side Taylor will only make her music and her fan appreciation even stronger than ever before?

They don’t expect Taylor to perform at the VMA’s this Sunday so who knows after the full video release if we will see anything else from her for a small bit.

So, how do you feel about the new choker wearing, distressed sweatshirt and dark lipstick Taylor Swift?  Can you not get enough or are you along with a band of former fans who are going back to YouTube and watching the old vids like ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar?’  Give me your input by commenting in the comment box below.




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