Taylor Swift’s NEW TS6 Album is RELEASING November 10th-REPUTATION!

Meme extraordinaire!

The TS6 news has finally come out over this last couple of hours and it has been announced that the NEW ‘Reputation‘ album will be released November 10th, 2017!  Swifties are already currently wondering where they can place their pre-order for the album(I’m wondering myself!)  And that’s not all!  Her first single is being released tomorrow!  That’s right!  TOMORROW!  I didn’t see that coming so soon.  Well…maybe I did.

No longer will be seeing the random snake videos appearing on social media at this point as we now see this awesome, beautiful front cover of the ‘Reputation‘ album!  (unless there’s some snake appearances happening in her upcoming music videos, who knows.)

Can you tell there’s some awesome re-branding going on with this new album?  You’ve already noticed the snake videos but check out the choker and the dark lipstick.  I love the ‘bad chick’ look, don’t you?  Or are you still missing the younger, angelic T-Swizzle look from your younger days when we were all ‘Fearless?’

Either way, I’m totally excited about the new album and cannot wait to see how things pan out as time goes by.

What are your thoughts about the new album look?  Are you excited to hear her first single tomorrow?  Let me know by commenting in the comment box below!  I would love to receive your input.


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