ALERT: Taylor Swift’s Social Media Platforms Are GONE and the Fans are Freaking Out

Attention ALL Taylor Swift Fans: Did you see what happened yesterday and it’s still happening today.  If you haven’t noticed yet, all of Taylor’s social media platforms are EMPTY!  Right now, you can’t even see her Facebook page because it’s crashed because of the traffic (you will forever continue to be in ‘page loading’ mode.  Tumblr is empty, Twitter is ‘blank space’ and Instagram too.  What is happening?!

Is Taylor Swift coming back?  What do you think her plan is with this one?  It’s driving us fans crazy and we’ve just died DEAD!  No Taylor Swift on the internet along with her interaction with fans makes life a whole lot less special and magical.  😦  Yesterday marked the 3rd year anniversary of the song release, ‘Shake it Off.’  Do you think there’s some meaning to all of  this?

We can only hope that this is a true sign of the TS6 album coming out and this is part of the campaign.  What do you think about this one?  Are you about as confused as I am about this one or do you have a clue on what this is all about?  Please comment in the comment box below and give me your input.  I want to know what you’re thinking.



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