Taylor Swift Donates To Joyful Heart After Groping Win

Well, as you already know, Taylor won the court trial and she kept her promise (like I knew she would) to pledge to a support group that helps sexual assault victims.  She made a generous donation to the U.S. Joyful Heart Foundation that has a continuing mission to support, educate and campaign when it comes to issues of sexual violence.

The organization is ‘honored to be recognized by Taylor Swift for their work on behalf of and in service to domestic violence survivors, those that have been sexually assaulted and abused children.’

Taylor didn’t flinch when she delivered her powerful testimony on Monday stating that her greatest desire is to help women make their voices heard and I truly believe that she has sincerity at heart because of her generous support and donations over the years.

I hope and pray she continues to speak out and support those that are against abuse and violence.  This world would be a much better place if there wasn’t hate along with a nature to hurt and destroy any innocent human being or animal for that matter.



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