Speculators Claim Taylor Swift Is Suing Mueller As An Act of Solidarity With Other Assaulted Women

Experts and advocates are speculating that Taylor Swift is suing David Mueller as an act of solidarity with other women who have been either currently or formerly sexually assaulted or harassed in and out of the music industry.  They believe that Taylor’s pretty much thrown this trial into the spotlight as a means to empower women who have been in similar situations such as this one.

I’m going to give you my honest opinion.  David Mueller and his gruesome actions are what has brought this to the public, not Taylor.  The proof has always been in the pudding with this since 2013.  The photo shows David is guilty.  Enough said.  It screams that he did what he did and I don’t think he’s ashamed of it one bit.  And I honestly don’t believe that he’s destroyed any evidence of him talking with his boss the moment after.  I don’t think there was anything recorded in the first place.  Honestly, this shouldn’t even be a case.  Hands down, Taylor should win and David should walk.  And if this moment brings justice to women worldwide that have experienced or are experiencing similar situations, then a big round of applause to Taylor Swift.  Nobody but nobody should have to take that kind of abuse.  Celebrity or otherwise.  For Taylor and Andrea’s sake and the rest of the Swift family, I hope and pray that this trial is successful on their behalf and comes to a close very soon.   It’s time to move ahead to better things with justice prevailed for women everywhere and anyone who’s ever been violated or humiliated in the public’s eye or privately.




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