Judge Penalizes DJ Suing Taylor Swift After He Lost His Job For Inappropriate Touching During a 2013 Pre-Meet-and-Greet in Denver

Things are not looking too good for David “Jackson” Mueller as of late.   If you can remember back in 2013 during a photo session at the Pepsi Center, he was accused by Taylor of inappropriately touching her buttocks with his hand lifting her skirt.  Mueller had denied any claims of inappropriate touching but was fired two days later after the incident.

The DJ supposedly had some key evidence for the case of some audio he had recorded on a conversation that he had between himself and his boss about the alleged groping after the incident but someway somehow some of the audio supposedly got lost.  Mueller claims that some coffee was spilled on his laptop and the hard drive that the evidence was backed up on wasn’t working.

The judge wasn’t taking that excuse too good and sanctioned Mueller stating he was careless when handling any evidence when he should have protected it.  A pre-trial hearing with a jury selection is in place for August 7th.





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