Celebrities are People Too Including Taylor Swift

This has been on my mind for quite some time now and after the suitcase incident yesterday whether or not Taylor was hiding in it, I felt it was a good time as any to share my thoughts and feelings about celebrities in general including Taylor Swift.

I wish there was a way in the world where we could all love and respect the artists whether it be a music artist or a movie star but at the same time allow them to live their own personal lives however they see fit.  To let them go grocery shopping at their local supermarket without being bugged or pointed at or be asked to take a selfie and sign an autograph.  To see them driving by in a small town without getting pointed at or followed or harassed.  And the list goes on.  They were people before they became famous and they are still people after the fact.  The only thing that has changed is the art they have created whether it’s in music or in movies that has made them adored by millions if not billions of people.  I guess what I’m trying to say is we can love and respect their craft but at the same time you can respect their space and treat them like a normal human being and if they want to talk to you, they will and if they don’t, they won’t.

And I get it.  Taylor Swift herself has said in the past that she knew what she was about to get into when she became discovered by Big Machine Records and made her first album. She knew that her life was going to change (you don’t think Mama Swift reminded her about this beforehand?) and the things that she was able to do when life was normal pre-2006 would be something she would no longer be able to do because she would be seen out in the public eye and the paparazzi would always be around to take the latest pictures and ask all kinds of questions every single moment of every single day.

But at the same time I feel sorry for celebrities too.  Michael Jackson several years back had informed a source that he never had the ability to go to a common supermarket and go grocery shopping because he was the King of Pop.  Just imagine all of the things that you do in public right now that these celebrities are unable to do because of their celebrity status.  Do you realize the effects that it has on them that they are not allowed to live normal lives like you and I?  Let’s look at Justin Beiber for instance.  He has mentioned in the past that during his early years as a music superstar it was very hard for him to come to grips that he was famous and it made it hard on his everyday life. Thus the reason why he acted out some for a few years but we won’t get into that.  I can remember in the last year Meghan Trainor mentioned that she has to remind herself that she is famous now especially when she used to go out and hang with her brothers at a local restaurant and people would stare and point and yell, ‘Hey, that’s Meghan Trainor!’

Think about the times they are on the airplanes or their tour buses or their hotels or maybe even at their own house and it gets a little lonely.  I mean, they can have over whomever they want but in essence, if it leaks out to the public especially if that person is NOT a celebrity, then it storms up like a tornado on social media and then eventually on feeds internationally that such and such was with them and all of the sudden you will see videos and hear podcasts or watch TV and hear all about it on there.  Nothing is private.  Nothing.

Maybe I’m being crazy or maybe it’s totally impossible but I really do wish the veil was lifted and we could all live our lives harmoniously as human beings yet at the same time love, respect and admire any celebrities work out there but giving them the space they need as well to live happy normal lives just as we expect to live our daily lives.

My heart truly fills up with happiness when I see Taylor respond to fans on social media. It’s also super cool that she has attended bridal showers, weddings and sent a card and flowers to a girl recently for her school graduation.  I will be totally honest with you.  If I had at least one interaction with Taylor Swift before I pass on whether it be in person or social media, I would ‘die dead’ like any other Swiftie but at the same time, I would lay the groundwork of high respect with reminders on my brain to appreciate her as an artist but also as a human being too.

What are YOUR thoughts about this?  Do you think I’m being silly or do you agree wholeheartedly with me?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.


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