Are You Ready For the New Taylor Swift TS6 Album?

You are probably just as excited and wondering too when Taylor will be releasing her TS6 album, aren’t you?  I think we are all chomping at the bit wondering when the newest release will make its presence forever known.

According to a Swift source, she has been currently preparing for a big return and her aim is to have the album released by Fall 2017.  I love and respect the fact that she continues to keep her plans private.  I mean, who wants to already know the ins and outs and what kind of sound and style will be coming out and by the time it gets here, you are all ready to move on to the next thing?  Not me said the flea.  I want to prepare and enjoy the biggest surprise EVER just like I did the day she released 1989 and I got my CD in the mail from Amazon right before Christmas.  It’s still in my CD player in my Volkswagen Beetle as we speak.  Is yours?

Another reliable source has recently mentioned that she has decided to ‘continue to go down the pop route.’  She realized that many Swifties made the 1989 album a big success due to the result of the massive gravitation they made toward the album itself.

Taylor really gets us Swifties.  She understands and realizes that it is indeed time for a new album and knows we are all ready for it.  That’s why she has really put a lot of focus on it for the last few months and is also really excited into seeing the new album be released with a deep passion for promoting it as well just like she did with all of her other albums.

So the TS6 album IS on its way…are YOU ready for it?  Please let me know by replying in the comment box below.


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