Taylor Swift, Were You Hiding in That Suitcase?

Just a couple of hours ago, Spin1038 had reported that Taylor Swift was apparently transported out of her Tribeca apartment in a HUGE suitcase and was placed into her truck.  Why would one speculate this?  Well, Adele did it.  So, why not Taylor, right?

They said there was a fleet of vehicles namely a couple of Cadillacs and a few SUV’s that arrived (I’ve seen her in an SUV with her parents or friends several times, haven’t you?) to her apartment and all of a sudden it took several guys to haul this HUGE black suitcase out of her apartment and into a black SUV.  What do YOU think?  Do you think Taylor was IN that suitcase or do you think it was something else that was very important that needed to be transported to her next destination?  Could this suitcase play a BIG role on the new TS6 album?  Or maybe this was Taylor’s way to seal herself away from the public until the album release?  What are YOUR thoughts on this?

I’ve heard one Swiftie tweet that it is absolutely impossible that Tay-Tay is in that suitcase for the simple reason she has such long legs and it would be pretty hard to fit her all in save for the fact she is super slim.  Do you agree with them or do you believe that this is really true?

I will be honest with you though.  I really don’t know what to believe at this point.  I am claustrophobic so if she DID get in that suitcase and she’s patiently waiting in there to be transported somewhere else, I gotta tell you, she’s just confirmed it again that she is my HERO.  Ultimately.

If you look at Getty Images or Splash News, you will see in the photos that the guys that carried the mysterious suitcase dressed casual and looked somewhat calm.  They have had to have known that this looked extremely strange thus the continuous gawking from everyone throughout the whole facade.   But maybe Taylor prepared them for this before the suitcase was taken out…or maybe not.

I wonder what she’s thinking right about now and that’s just to say if she’s really in the suitcase or somewhere else with a smile on her face knowing that this action truly did what it was meant to do.  Create a little curiosity and a hair of controversy.  Hey, it got the media to take notice, didn’t it?  For any reason, this task definitely created some buzz and Swifties are still talking about it via social media of all sorts.

No matter if she IS or ISN’T in the suitcase, I do applaud and respect the fact that she is really serious when it comes to anything being leaked out whether by accident or on purpose about her newest album, the songs in the album, the title of the album, etc. Until it’s time, I really don’t want to know anything about it until she’s ready to share it.  I respect her and I respect her decision because it truly works and I value her reasoning. Shouldn’t we all?

Give me your thoughts about the matter by responding in the comment box below and don’t forget to sign up for Taylor Swift News to keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with our biggest all-time pop star, Miss Taylor Swift.


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