Taylor Swift Drops Teaser Video for New Song ‘Gorgeous’ for ‘Reputation’ Album

If you haven’t noticed in the last few hours, Taylor dropped a short teaser video on Facebook and Instagram about her new song ‘Gorgeous’ that will be released on her new ‘Reputation‘ album in November.

By the way, have you already set yourself up for a pre-order for it yet?  The new song will be released at midnight on Friday, October 20th.

The teaser starts out with what seems like a child saying ‘Gorgeous‘ before an electronic beat starts to kick in.  The only thing is that you don’t hear Swift start to sing.  Why?  Because it’s a secret until tomorrow night.  That’s the cool and exciting thing about Taylor is she keeps us in excitement and suspense.

So, how excited are YOU about the upcoming song to be released?  Let me know by responding to the comment box below.


HEADS UP: Taylor Films a New Music Video in London

Dear Swifties, it’s actually happening.  ‘Are you ready for it?’  Taylor was recently spotted in London filming a new music video for her new album, ‘Reputation.’  You will notice in this picture as well as some others floating around on the Internet that she was on a red double-decker bus along with a few other ladies as one of the props.

Taylor was looking quite casual in this one with her hair tousled at her shoulders dressed in a plaid shirt with a striped, button-downed blouse underneath.  She was also seen filming at another location in a black car too.

She’s trying at this point to keep the story line of this video top secret so this is the reason why she’s filming at different locations.  There was a point where she was running through the London streets very quickly with her bodyguards in order not to be seen during this time.

Stay tuned at Taylor Swift News for more updates.  What do YOU think this video is about?  Let me know by replying in the comment box.

Taylor Swift Has Her Own App Coming Out Soon With Taymojis

Meet the Swift Life!  Yep, Taylor is coming out late 2017 with her own app that features ‘Taymojis’.  She has partnered with a company called Glu which has also created games and apps for celebs like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian.

According to a press release, the beta version will be released in some limited territories.

This new app will help Taylor Swift fans to be able to connect with one another expressing themselves and their love for Taylor in an interactive fashion.

So, what do YOU think about the new app release?  Let me know by putting your input in the comment box.

Is Joe Alwyn Urging to Dump Taylor Swift?

Well, at least that’s what one of the tabloids this week has claimed.  They believe Joe Alwyn’s inner circle has totally advised him to end the relationship completely before it damages his career.  They feel she leads a ‘circus-like life’ and that her new song, ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ has produced some negative publicity over the last month.  They feel like if Joe gets caught up in all of the drama, it will ruin everything for him so they have the ‘get out now while you can’ approach.  It has also been told that the actor is ignoring the advice only because he’s worried that if he ends things, she will write a revenge song about him like she has done with the rest of the men in her life.

Another source is saying that this information is totally fabricated and that Joe was never approached from anyone to tell him to leave Taylor Swift.  They are saying that the current source that is saying this has lied before in the past with false information including that Swift had planned to freeze her eggs as well as stating that she is currently worried about her career.  What do you think about all of this?  Please let me know in the comment box.

Taylor Attends Abigail Anderson’s Wedding Over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend has officially passed and so did Abigail Anderson’s wedding at Old Whaling Church in Martha’s Vineyard.  As we suspected, Taylor was one of the lovely bridesmaids there that helped Abigail carry the back of her wedding gown and veil as they entered into the church.

The ‘Ready For It‘ pop star was wearing a beautiful maroon halter gown with a sweetheart neckline.  Very simple but respectful since Abigail was the center of attention that day.

I honestly don’t agree with the band of people that were booing at her standing in the rain as she exited the church and entered the black SUV.  Her team hid her with a couple of sheets of black fabric and umbrellas to shield her from the public.  Guys, that’s what she has been doing for quite a while now.   She wants to keep out of the public eye until her album ‘Reputation‘ is fully out.  Why is this a crime?  She wasn’t there that day for her fans, she was there to celebrate one of the happiest days of her best friend’s life.  It’s okay for Taylor to have a private life with her family, friends and latest boyfriend.

What do you think about the booing that happened?  Are you going to ‘Speak Now?’  If so, comment in the comment box below.  Your thoughts are much appreciated and Happy Labor Day everybody!


Taylor Swift Is Losing Fans With Her Latest Album Single Release, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Yep, according to Taylor Swift, the ‘old Taylor’ is dead according to her newly released single, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’  It’s OUT with the old Taylor and IN with the new.  No more fairy-tale minded, glitter shining, teardrop on guitar dripping, the number 13 hand tattooing curly headed blond singing about love and broken hearts in a catchy tune.  It’s the NEW Taylor now and everybody had better get used to it…or should they?

It’s now the ‘I’m not putting up with it anymore’ and ‘you’ll get yours’ Taylor Swift.  According to some fans as well as various media articles and videos, the revengeful ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ plays to a similar tune of ‘I’m Too Sexy’ by Right Said Fred or better yet, ‘If I Was You’ by Meghan Trainor.

What do YOU think of the new single release?  Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  Many fans are posting on YouTube and other social media platforms that they don’t like the new song.  There are many that call themselves ‘former Swifties’ saying they miss the old Taylor and that they don’t like the pop star Taylor that came out in 2014 with the ‘1989’ album.

There are those that are saying that this new ‘Reputation‘ album may be the death of her career.  Do you think that’s the case or do you think the dark side Taylor will only make her music and her fan appreciation even stronger than ever before?

They don’t expect Taylor to perform at the VMA’s this Sunday so who knows after the full video release if we will see anything else from her for a small bit.

So, how do you feel about the new choker wearing, distressed sweatshirt and dark lipstick Taylor Swift?  Can you not get enough or are you along with a band of former fans who are going back to YouTube and watching the old vids like ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar?’  Give me your input by commenting in the comment box below.



Taylor Swift’s NEW TS6 Album is RELEASING November 10th-REPUTATION!

Meme extraordinaire!

The TS6 news has finally come out over this last couple of hours and it has been announced that the NEW ‘Reputation‘ album will be released November 10th, 2017!  Swifties are already currently wondering where they can place their pre-order for the album(I’m wondering myself!)  And that’s not all!  Her first single is being released tomorrow!  That’s right!  TOMORROW!  I didn’t see that coming so soon.  Well…maybe I did.

No longer will be seeing the random snake videos appearing on social media at this point as we now see this awesome, beautiful front cover of the ‘Reputation‘ album!  (unless there’s some snake appearances happening in her upcoming music videos, who knows.)

Can you tell there’s some awesome re-branding going on with this new album?  You’ve already noticed the snake videos but check out the choker and the dark lipstick.  I love the ‘bad chick’ look, don’t you?  Or are you still missing the younger, angelic T-Swizzle look from your younger days when we were all ‘Fearless?’

Either way, I’m totally excited about the new album and cannot wait to see how things pan out as time goes by.

What are your thoughts about the new album look?  Are you excited to hear her first single tomorrow?  Let me know by commenting in the comment box below!  I would love to receive your input.

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